Friday, June 26, 2015

Thinking About the Last Day of the First Year of School

Today was a BIG day!

And of course like every parent ever I have tons of mixed feelings about it.

I vividly remember P.'s first day of school. As in her first ever day of school, since we opted out of preschool. Up until that day, the closest she'd been to the classroom experience was dance class at a small studio - which is very different. I was worried. And P. was worried, too. But we made it through that first day of school happy. We lucked out with a teacher and classroom environment that was fun and supportive and kind.

That was especially important in the beginning. P. can still be a pretty shy little chick but 10 months ago she was particularly shy and I had my doubts about whether she'd make herself heard or stick up for herself if the need arose. I'm glad to say I think P. came into her own in a big way in kindergarten. She's definitely more friendly with people. I see how she's grown every time she starts running around with unfamiliar kids on the playground (something she never did before). Or when she gets excited to tell familiar grownups something about her day.

And surprisingly, I think I grew, too. Most of the other parents I have socialized with during my life as a mom have been more like me than not. My mom friends are a wonderful bunch of ladies and I'm lucky to have them, but it was very interesting to spend time getting to know moms and dads with different parenting styles and ideas about everything from discipline to what movies are and aren't appropriate for 6-year-olds to watch. It's nice sometimes as a parent to be exposed to different perspectives and new ideas about how to parent.

I know the end of kindergarten is bittersweet in many ways, but I personally think there is nothing quite like watching your little one grow into a person who isn't quite so little anymore. I'm so excited for summer but even more excited to watch P.'s future unfold. First grade, here we come!

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