Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Family Portraits by a Three-Year-Old

Every time we upgrade our camera, the grownup camera gets passed down to a little one. When the mister bought me my own camera a few years ago, P. got the old camera and her camera was handed down to Bo - who was a little too young to get the idea.

But now that he's a big boy, he loves taking out his camera and taking photos around the house! While trucks and toys tend to be his favorite subjects, he occasionally will take pictures of the rest of us. Curious what portraits taken by a three-year-old look like? Here's your chance to find out!

While Bo's photography may not be gallery ready, I love that his pictures absolutely capture real life unfiltered. It's kind of refreshing in a world where so many of us have access to filters and fancy cameras that make every photo look practically professional.

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  1. He has willing subjects down here!!


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