Thursday, October 20, 2016

6 Good Things

Yesterday's post was a wake up call for both me and the mister. I'd like to think so anyway. He wasn't thrilled that I wrote it but it led to some deep, real, and honest conversation about us as individuals and us as a couple.

Today is a new day and so I'm trying to come out of that dark place I was in when I hit post. I'm making a real effort to look at the good things. Like:

 These marigolds - they're not fancy but there are so many of them every year
A Jones New York silk skirt I haven't worn for years
 The fact that I can finally almost play Blow the Man Down
 The new (and forgotten) gold chain I found in my jewelry box
 Endless apples, ready for snacking!
A vanilla latte in my special cup ♥♥♥

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