Monday, January 16, 2017

POEM: There will come a day...

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There will come a day
When I don't have to step over
Hallway-long train tracks to go to the bathroom
Or herds of ponies to put the laundry
Into the washing machine
When I will sleep for eight uninterrupted hours
And feed only myself.

And when that day comes
I will be all right because I will not have lost little ones
But gained fully-formed human beings
Every bit as beautiful, fascinating
And wonderful as the ones who
Built the train tracks and woke me in the night to ask
For just one more cuddle.

by Christa Terry 

Ed. note: Lately I've been writing a lot of poetry.  I definitely recommend it! Buy yourself a beautiful notebook and just make a point of letting whatever you can't stop thinking about become a poem. You may discover that putting your thoughts onto paper also helps put them into perspective!

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