Monday, July 24, 2017

Lies I Will Tell Myself Today

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Terra chips are healthy because they are made out of vegetables so it's okay if I'm eating them at 9 a.m. ... again.

I will vacuum and mop the floors as soon as P. is at camp. Okay, right before pickup. After pickup. Tomorrow, almost definitely.

This will be a day without screentime because it's a beautiful one and we should all be getting fresh air.

Bo will swim in the pond without his puddle jumper.

I will remember to bring enough towels to the beach/pond/pool so that I'm not sitting in the driver's seat in my wet bathing suit, soaking the seat so the mister gets a case of the wet rear when he goes to the store. 

Popsicles are an acceptable lunch food on summer days.

The kids won't bicker today because I have planned some great afternoon activities that will engage their minds as well as their hands. 

Furthermore I won't get at all frustrated at the messiness of said activity because I have mentally prepared myself for it.

Drinking a full pot of coffee before noon is totally normal.

It is too hot to mow the lawn, as in it would literally be unhealthy for me to cut the grass today so because I care about myself I am going to wait until a cooler day.

I will not eat marshmallows in hiding when I get stressed out.

We will pick the raspberries instead of letting the ripe ones rot on the canes. The kids will enjoy helping me pick them. Then they will eat them with great enthusiasm.

I will at some point focus wholly on my work for a period of multiple hours because my children understand the importance of my being able to earn income.

And I will check everything off the day's to-do list.

Bedtime will go smoothly and happen on time.

And then I will go to bed early so I wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed.

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