Saturday, July 22, 2017

Our Tiny Surprise Party

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On Friday P. and I spent the better part of the day planning a surprise party. Planning a TINY surprise party, I should say, because the guest list was limited to people who actually call our house home. The mister's birthday had rolled around again and it seemed like a good time to make a great big fuss over him because we love him lots.

Well, I kind of forgot that putting together a party for any amount of people is plenty of work... oops... so quite a few hours went by with Bo playing alongside while P. and I put together a DIY party kit that turned out to be more do-it-yourself than I'd planned on doing that day. We had fun, though, and she was very happy to be contributing to the party.

And all the stress of tidying, decorating, and then rushing to bake, frost, and decorate a birthday cake before swim lessons was worth it once the mister walked into his tiny surprise party! (Slightly after the sun started getting low in the sky which is why all the photos are kind of dark and grainy but better later than not at all!)

Yes, that is Bo helping his papa unwrap a can of mandarin orange slices. We were at the store so they could buy presents for the mister and Bo picked it out himself, saying "Papa will REALLY love this!" and I think that is just too adorable! It just melts my heart that my little guy wants to make his papa happy on his birthday and so of course mandarin orange slices will make a great birthday present :)

Seriously, how great are these helpful and kind kiddos?

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