Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What Makes a Good Summer?

Last night, I dreamed about cleaning my kitchen.

Which probably makes sense considering I feel like the thing I spend most of my time doing (other than work and continually feeding my children) is cleaning the g.d. kitchen.

Right now I'm thinking about the sink full of dishes that is lurking right there behind my back like the friggin' Blair Witch.

Look, I'm having a moment over here. This summer is great. This summer is horrible. I never want summer to end. I can't wait until my kids go to school. I want to make this the best summer ever. But whoops, I have no money.

Right now, with only a month left of summer vacay, I am experiencing some serious summertime fomo.

I'm asking myself ridiculous questions like: Are a few small road trips enough trips?

Is it enough to put the pool up (how cool is this one?) in the back garden and hit the pond every now and then? Are chocolate ice cream cones assembled at home sufficient or are my children longing for trips to one of the many ice cream stands that dot our corner of the North Shore?

Part of the reason I'm feeling so torn is that this was supposed to be a fabulous summer with travel abroad and, well, definitely more security than I'm feeling right now.

I had a lot more local fun on the calendar than we actually managed to do, partly because work is a necessary part of my schedule and partly because we had a budget hiccup and so the spending cash just isn't there.

When it rains, it pours and so suddenly a bunch of stuff broke and my work situation changed and P. needs a pricey orthodontic device and could use a new, bigger bike. Good Lord, it just never ends.

So what do you think? When you're a kid is tooling around on your bike part of what makes summer great?

Is it okay to wake up every morning to an unstructured day where maybe we'll roast marshmallows in a jury rigged grill (the secret is a terra cotta pot) or go to the beach for a couple of hours or make a pillow fort or maybe we'll just watch movies all day because someone's under the weather or, whoops, it's raining again...

And since it's raining again, but now with 100% more thunder, we were packed out of the semi-outdoor pool at the gym and had to come home where bickering seems to be my kids' favorite way to pass the time.

In fact they're bickering right now.

And suddenly the living room is a mess.

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