Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Baby Is Happy

The best baby toy $3 can buy has got to be the plain old Mylar balloon. I tied the one I bought this afternoon to her ankle and she kicked-kicked-kicked to make the balloon dance-dance-dance. Smiles abounded. I can't say how effective said toy is for promoting proper development (something I'm obsessed with since we use the services of a pediatric occupational therapist), but it sure did look fun.


Then again, who knows how many of those smiles were a result of balloon dancing and how many were simply the product of Paloma's good nature. For reals, this is the smiliest baby I have ever seen, and I have six younger brothers and sisters, so I have seen some babies in my time. Making Paloma smile is a matter of (1) looking directly at her, (2) making a high-pitched noise, 0r (3) touching her nose. Getting really close to her also works.

Actually non-screamy tummy time

If you're me, that is. Cranky Paloma had a bit of a meltdown on Saturday afternoon, easily cured by putting her in her carseat and driving. We believe this unusual event can be attributed to the fact that Paloma is developing an awareness of normal and not-normal. As in "Waking up at home in my bouncy seat is normal" and "Being held by momma is normal," whereas "Waking up in my carseat at a cat shelter is not-normal" and "Being held by a stranger is not-normal."


Speaking of getting held by /relative/ strangers, Paloma's great-grandparents visited for the second time in her short little life. Having them stay for a few days is so lovely, as I simply hand her over between feedings so I can cross off a whole page of to-do list items. Items, I might add, that have been lingering for weeks and months.

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