Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Days ARE Long

Long days used to mean something completely different pre-baby. A long day was one during which I got a lot accomplished or was very physically active. Maybe I was on the road all day or just very, very tired from a late night. Now Paloma determines whether the day is a long day. Did she get up at 5 a.m. and not go back to sleep? Did she demand attention throughout the day? Did she have a date with a friend or a pediatrician's appointment? Did she get overtired? Nurse a ton? Have a bit of a crying jag? Or just want to play and play and play?

Tummy time is somewhat less traumatic now

So that oil change? Those articles? Removing the wallpaper? It's all going to have to wait because life with a baby means some long days. Interesting and fun days, sure, but long. I now understand why my dad used to fall asleep hunched over the coffee table in front of the 8 o'clock news. I just flew in from parenting and boy are my arms tired. And asleep. Paloma has a nack for cutting off the blood flow in whatever arm is carrying her. Tedd's solution is to hoist her onto his shoulders.

Baby's first shoulder ride!

Today's long day included us doing our Early Intervention homework, having a playdate of sorts (even if Paloma was a little overwhelmed by the megacrawlers), and visiting the pediatrician. At that last thing, which really was the last thing unless you count Paloma crying it out an hour later, there was an office glitch that meant we had a short visit. It wasn't a big deal since I actually had no questions to ask the pedi. Usually I come armed with a list, written down. For those wondering, Paloma grew an inch and gained a pound, which is a great gain for a five month old. No vaccines this visit, thank goodness. After last months yelp fest, I do not mind waiting until August to revisit the needle.

Nature tastes funny

As you can clearly see here, Paloma also has better things to do.

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