Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm a Freecycling Mama


Can I just say that I had totally forgotten how much Freecycle rocks? I recently joined two local groups and scored some nice baby gear over the course of two days. My haul includes:

A Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm, with all the animals and such. It even came with a bonus Asian who must have come with another Little People set but ended up at the farm. This allowed me to make up all manner of tawdry plotlines involving the philandering farmer and the purchase of submissive wives from foreign countries. Luckily Paloma has no idea what I'm talking about and just likes to press the buttons that go BAAAAAH and NEIGH and such. I like that the animal sounds are actual animal sounds and not some guy saying "Oink oink!"

An Aquadoodle with the various accessories like stamps and rolling stamps and various other sorts of stamps. I took it for a test drive and think it's rad! You can set it so it makes animal noises every time you draw. Paloma enjoyed the fact that it made crinkly noises whenever she crawled over the mat. She also liked sucking on the "pen."

We also acquired a baby guitar that features Elmo and the Cookie Monster, who straight up screams "Oh boy!" and plays a rocking version of Blow the Man Down. While the thing is damn loud, Paloma dances like a maniac when it plays, so it's not all bad. She's less enthused by the Vtech Write & Learn letter book, but that's mainly because it's quiet and asks her to do things she doesn't quite understand.

In terms of practical non-toy items, I picked up some new-to-us bibs since the velcro in pretty much all our bibs has given up the ghost in the last month. A year's not a bad run for cheap-ass bibs from Target, but we still need 'em. I thought about sewing in new velcro, but our old bibs really were pretty crappy. I scored about a dozen new ones, many of which are the big sort with the pocket that can be wiped down.

Oh, and the best thing I sourced from Freecycle? These:

They're to Pull-Ups what cloth diapers are to Huggies, you might say. They consist of a waterproof outer liner with absorbent cotton on the inside, but can be pulled on an off like those silly training pants that get thrown out a la disposable diapers. I'm super psyched about these, as I had no idea washable training pants existed and probably would have defaulted to Pull-Ups (which you don't actually *need*, but come on) when it came time to potty train. Woo!


  1. I have scored so much awesome on Beverly Freecycle, but I quit last year because it was nearly impossible to wade through the myriad of "wanted" entries. a car? computers? ugh, it was just ridiculous.

    BUT, while the going was good, I got his toddler swing, his big stroller, kale seedlings, a bunch of hangers. I also gave away a baby bucket seat (we were given 3 used) to a family who had one expire and couldn't afford a new one, i gave away some old couch slipcovers, and my diaper bag from beverly hospital - someone posted it as a wanted and i never used it. that lady was SO HAPPY, it was great. i might have to join again, i wonder if whoever is moderating it finally stepped in and stopped people from posting 6 wanteds for every 1 item offered.

  2. Unfortunately there are still a ton of wanted entries, though not nearly as many as the Salem Freecycle, which is seriously almost all wanteds. I'm thinking of just joining every nearby group, just in case. I have to be more proactive about posting offers -- I'm so used to having the veterans group do a pick-up of everything I don't want.

  3. Ooooh I love Freecycle too!!! You got some fabulous scores then, yay!! Thanks for popping over to my blog, and to answer your question- yes, tile on my countertops! I love it! It's stone, so you can plop hot stuff on it without having to worry. We just moved from a house with a laminate countertop, and I am now in heaven!! :) xoxox! -Holly

  4. Free cycle, totally rocks! Im a big fan. Thanks for stopping by.
    I too am crafty but without patience so it always looks better in my heat then it turns out. Sigh. :)

  5. I think I'd be a better crafter if I had a crafting mentor, Nightingale. Unfortunately all the really awesome DIYers I know all live super far away.


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