Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Weekened Getaway (or Babysitting With the Grandmas)

Isn't it nice that the ferry will lull a baby to sleep, even when the usual rocking motion isn't so much gentle as it is terrifyingly intense, what with the waves washing over the bow and the sound of metal hitting water over and over and over again. That photograph was taken this past Saturday while crossing the Long Island Sound in conditions that made us wish we'd driven all the way to Manhattan just to then drive across the island to Port Jeff. The BabbyDaddy? Queasy. Me? Scared out of my wits. The babby? Out like a light.

So what have we learned? Frightening nautical conditions are the world's biggest baby swing. Had I not been praying that we three would live through the crossing, I think I would have been rather enamored with hypnoboat.

We were traveling via hypnoboat because the BabbyDaddy and I wanted to see a friend of ours singing and dancing and acting on stage and because Paloma's babushka and Granma Katie bankrolled the ferry tickets and are babysitting. As you might imagine, it wasn't hard to convince them to do so -- grandmas are frequently only too eager to babysit, even when there is the very real chance that the baby being sat is going to wail the entire time her parents are enjoying quality musical theater.

But amazingly, Paloma didn't cry while we were gone. Oh, she cried a bit when we left (and only after we were gone, yay), and after her bath while being wrestled into her jimjams (a process she often doesn't care for under any conditions). And she fussed some post-bedtime when this or that roused her from her slumber. Overall, however, she did wonderfully. There is videographic evidence of Paloma sitting on her babushka's lap going absolutely crazy for a video of baby farm animals (Dear Scholastic: A baby rabbit is a kitten, not a 'bunny').

That meant that the BabbyDaddy and I were able to go out to a proper New York diner after the show instead of heading right back to my mom's, wh00t.


  1. Adorable picture! I am dying to go on a ferry ride. Just to do it. I don't have to be going anywhere, I just want to ride the darn ferry! LOL

    Found you on SITS and now I'm following!

  2. Thanks for the follow, Brandi -- I've returned the favor!


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