Saturday, May 22, 2010

Help Me Compile the ULTIMATE Must-Have Baby Stuff List

Inspired by this AskMeFi question, I want to compile a real must-have, essentials-only list for the new parent. I feel like this is a task I have to do in concert with other parents because what was essential to some will be useless to others. The ULTIMATE Must-Have Baby Stuff List will likely have two sections - a definitive must-have section and a debatables section. Obviously there are some things a toddler needs that a newborn doesn't need, but then there are some things that pretty much all babies will need until they're not babies anymore.

I'm most interested in the bare essentials - think about someone who's bringing their baby on a Peace Corps excursion and can't bring a lot of extras. That's the kind of list I want, and I want YOUR help in compiling it. Please tell me in the comments what you think is the most important stuff for a newborn to have and for a toddler to have. Not necessarily what's convenient but what a parent probably can't live without, e.g., having a stroller is awesome, but you could use a Moby wrap* or just carry the baby in your arms in a pinch.

*If you're in the market for one of these awesome wraps, hit up Children's Revolution and use the coupon code BabbyMama for 15% off!


  1. I think a stroller is actually a must if you have more than one child and need to run errands of any kind-- you gotta have hands free sometimes!

    A crib is a must, but a changing table? Not. I never use mine anymore (I have 4 kids and #5 on the way) and I plan to get rid of it soon.

    I think a Boppy is a must if you plan to nurse-- sure you can use pillows and I did for the first 2, but for the price, it's really worth it. It also works good for tummy time, learning to sit up.

    I like having a Bumbo, but it's not a must.


  2. I think we mus have had the most bare bone gift registry in history just because we are so anti-consumption. The baby goods industry has us convinced we need all this stuff to care for a newborn. we forget that humans have been raising babies w/o boppy, bumbos, and bouncy chairs for centuries. all baby really needs is to eat, sleep and use the bathroom and to be clean and dressed comfortably...
    food (formula/bottles unless you are breastfeeding then more power to you)
    diapers/wipes (in cloth or disposable)
    baby wash/lotion/diaper cream
    onesies, socks, hats, blanket
    wrap, mei tei or carrier

  3. @Courtney Two kids means stroller, def. We're still not sure if we'll get a double or have one in a wrap and one in a stroller. And we're this close to ditching our changer, since the Babby is almost as long as the darn thing! But we only used the Boppy for so long before switching to king size pillows from Costco, which were awesome for nursing.

    @Teresha Great bare-bones list! Love it!

  4. My bare bones list is pretty much the same as Teresha's...though I would add that it's a good idea to have someplace where the baby can sleep safely, even if it's just making sure the parents' bed is reasonably baby-safe. I have a little changing pad that folds up easily, and that I use all the time and which could probably double as a place to bed down.

    If you absolutely have to settle on a baby carrying sort of device (and I do think you need one--I did the arms-only thing for a couple of weeks after Katherine was born and then my arms ran out), I would recommend a wrap. If it's long enough, it can be shared among all of the baby's caregivers, and they can adapt to pretty much any body shape.

    Not sure whether a small first aid kit is a must-have or a debatable; I haven't used mine yet, but I also am reassured substantially by its presence.

  5. I don't have any suggestions because I don't have children yet but I think this is awesome. I want to see the finished list for sure!


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