Monday, June 28, 2010

They Learn Even When We Don't Teach

(Goodness, I've been a terrible blogger lately! First I had a big project and then there was a class I was taking and finally I was sick and the BabbyDaddy was sick, though the Babby escaped, thank goodness. Hopefully I'm back on track or will get back on track - it's not like there's not always something else to do, but I know I have at least a handful of loyal readers, even if they are reading I Know How Is Babby Formed through Facebook and never comment here.)
I think this should go here, mama!
Isn't it absolutely and tremendously amazing how babies learn things without us having to actually teach them directly? I mean, yes, we should be teaching them, but there are also all these things they suddenly just know how to do. For example, we never had to specifically teach the Babby how to use a spoon, but now you can sit her down with a bowl of yogurt and she'll feed herself breakfast. And just the other day, I was looking up directions on Google, and she pointed at my computer and said "Map! Map!" Then the other day she pointed at one of my many masks - I'm a collector - and said "Mack," which is Babby speak for mask.

Then just the other day I'm struggling to clean up because, goodness, isn't there just always another pile of whatever that needs sorting, putting away, throwing out, or donating? It makes me long for the months I lived in Costa Rica with nothing but some clothes and a laptop, truthfully. Aaaanyway, there I am cleaning, thinking about what else we can do to make the Babby's nursery absolutely adorable when the Babby herself decided to weigh in by attempting (without much success) to hang a painting by a Port Jefferson, New York artist on her wall. No, I didn't hang it 10 inches off the floor - I'm mean, it doesn't match, and the frame has crazy sharp edges - but I was totally astounded that the Babby had seen me hang enough pictures and paintings to know that if it's in a frame, it should probably be hanging on the wall. How cool is that?

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  1. Such a cutie :)
    Greetings from Lamb! Thank you for stopping by to show me some bloggy love. It was quite a shock to wake up and discover that I’d been featured on SITS, especially with my face covered in sticky cinnamon! Now I have lots of fun new blogs to explore. If you do try out my face mask, be sure to take a photo and email it to me. I’ll feature you in a post with a link to your blog :)

    LambAround’s latest post: My Awkward Family Photo

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