Sunday, July 18, 2010

Food, Not-So-Glorious Food!

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Moms and dads, if it's not one thing, it's another, am I right?

The Babby is a champion sleeper, even if her nap schedule is a little wonky right now because she's transitioning back to one nap a day. She's cheerful most of the time and loves having fun with her mama and papa. She is also happy to do what we ask her to, whether it's putting a used diaper in the trash or coming over to look at some neat thing we've found.

She'll even hold our hands when we walk through the zoo!

What the Babby simply will not do most of the time these days is eat with any sort of enthusiasm. One night, she wouldn't eat anything. Not even a single bite of dinner. And at breakfast the next day, she ate about half of a piece of French toast - which, by the way, I made especially because I thought she might want something unfamiliar to eat. I was just happy that she ate something.

And this right after we'd been to the pediatrician, where we find that the Babby is still in the first percentile for weight and that she shouldn't be drinking as much straight water because she needs the calories. So now we have her drinking iced soymilk throughout the day, which I think is contributing to her not wanting to touch solids.


Novelty is really the only strategy we have, since she hasn't been snacking much, either, so it's not like meals are being overtaken by snacks. Which really kind of sucks for me, who hates hates hates cooking but doesn't want to feed my baby processed faux food that's just sweet and salty enough to be appetizing to someone with no appetite. What choice do I have other than cooking, though, if she won't eat "the usual" but will at least nibble on the unusual?

I never did want to be one of those parents who let their toddler eat nothing but chicken nuggets or white foods or peanut butter sandwiches for weeks at a time, but I'm starting to sympathize with those moms and dads. Food shouldn't be a battlefield, since much like potty training, it's one of those battles in which everyone who participates loses. Plus, I have enough food issues to fill a kitchen and I don't want the Babby getting all weird about food like her mama.

Any suggestions? Or is this just one of those toddler phases that will ultimately pass?


  1. Stopping in from SITS. I happen to work for a wonderful program you may have heard of, WIC. Though this program is often thought of as wellfare, we are actually a nutrition program. We provide lots of great education and tips regarding feeding your children. I would encourage you to give your local WIC office a call and ask them for some advice.
    One more thing I was curious about the growth chart you mentioned. Was that wieght for hieght or hieght for age cause looking at your pic Baby looks pretty healthy. Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks for the advice, Emiloo! (And for stopping by, of course!)

    The percentile is simply for weight for age - the Babby is in the tenth percentile for height in her age group.

    And she's definitely healthy! We were just at the pediatrician, and other than wanting her to put on a few pounds, they had no other concerns.

  3. Since she likes drinking things, will she take smoothies? You could make them with coconut milk for non-animal fat.

  4. Smoothies are a hit, as long as I'm holding it and also drinking it. If the Babby thinks it's a grownup thing that I'm only giving her reluctantly, suddenly it is liquid gold in her eyes.


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