Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh My, Whatever Have I Done...

Nearly a year ago, the Babby went on her first flight. She went to Florida along with me and the BabbyDaddy to celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday and to meet her aunts and uncles along with some of her less immediate relatives. All in all, the flight went smoothly, with the Babby sleeping pretty much the entire time, and being good-natured and quiet when she wasn't asleep.

Now apparently my brain has turned to soup, because just about a year after that first trip to Florida, I have scheduled another. Which wouldn't be a big deal, and I might not even mention it here, except for the fact that the BabbyDaddy will not be accompanying us. I know, I know, people fly with one kid and even two kids sans a second adult all the time. It's nonetheless rather daunting as a prospect.

It's not all bad, though! The Babby still fits in her bucket because we bought an infant seat that accommodates a fairly big baby, and the bucket is easier to wrangle than her big girl seat. Not that I'll be carrying her around in it, of course. I'm not the Hulk. She'll be riding in style in her Quinny Zapp, which folds tiny and has a carrying bag for easy gate checking. Yes, I sprung for a seat. As I wrote once before, it's having an infant or toddler in a seat is much, much safer than holding them in a lap.

Of course, that means I'm lugging around a safety seat and a diaper bag and a folding stroller in a sack, bleah. It wouldn't be a big deal, since Babby had the same number of accessories on her first flight. It's just that I had a whole second pair of hands to wrangle said accessories. Now I'll have to wrangle them on my own while also wrangling a very energetic toddler!

On both trips, the flights will be smack in the middle the day, so my strategy will be to take my two nap a day baby and keep her awake so she sleeps through the flight. Famous last words, right?



  1. HI stopping by from Sits!Have lots of tips!!!

  2. ps.looking for your e-mail address~~:)

  3. Hi Olga! It's christa d terry at gmail dot com! I appreciate it!

  4. I was alone when I took Marlie on her first flight to MIA to visit my family (she was 8 months old). We took the second flight out both ways. I only took an umbrella stroller and her diaper bag on board. I was surprised that I managed it. I think we pysch ourselves out sometimes. I look fwd to the tips you have to share


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