Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Smoothies: If They're All You Eat, At Least They're Full of Stuff

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Yesterday, in response to my post about the Babby not eating, Zophos said: "Since she likes drinking things, will she take smoothies? You could make them with coconut milk for non-animal fat."

So today I made up a big smoothie with mixed berries, romaine lettuce, yogurt, sunflower butter, half a leftover banana, and some papaya nectar to thin it all out. And while I was blending and dancing - which keeps the Babby from getting frightened of the Cuisinart <3 - I was thinking about how breakfast used to involve the Babby eating her own yogurt while I made coffee or gave Mannix his meds.

Not, you know, a frustrating fifteen minutes during which blueberries are tossed everywhere and "DUNNNN!" is said repeatedly and emphatically.

Anyway, the smoothie was consumed with some degree of enthusiasm, mainly because I was also drinking it and anything that I am eating or drinking is automatically ten times better than anything we ever give the Babby, especially when it's the exact same thing she already has on her plate.


  1. I second the smoothies! I have a smoothie for breakfast and/or lunch so chica gets one too.
    Marlie loves coconut milk and anything I make with it goes down quickly. So glad Babby is eating!

  2. I cannot wait to give my little guy his first smoothie. I hear you on Babby only wanting your food, too. Mealtime can be really frustrating.

  3. thanks for reading picky and leaving it some love. :] glad you liked the post.


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