Thursday, August 12, 2010

How Could I Not Want More of These: An IUD Story

Pregnancy? Pretty weird. The early days of Babby? Tiring. Breastfeeding? Frustrating. But Babby? Amazing. For real, who wouldn't want another one of something so rad? (Answer: A lot of people, I know. But just go with me on this journey here.) Being that is the case, after lots of discussion with the BabbyDaddy, I had my IUD removed.

I know a lot of people have terrible IUD experiences, from painful and difficult insertions to crazy non-stop cramping after it's in. But not this chick! I didn't even feel it go in. From my perspective, the non-hormonal IUD is just about the raddest form of birth control out there. Nothing to remember, no wacky physical or emotional changes, and no chance of user error. Loved it!

But the BabbyDaddy and I had been talking about FutureBabby for a while, and August had kind of been our target in terms of "trying." There's a part of me that's terrified - will it be healthy? premature? as awesome as the Babby? etc. - and a part of me that's all, yes, let's get the whole pregnancy, infancy thing over with. Isn't that terrible?

The above paragraphs were my rambling way of telling you that I had my IUD removed yesterday and, since some of you have expressed interest in hearing what the experience was like, off we go! Physically, it was like one quick cramp. Think the cervix's yelpy protestation at being forced open, even if it is just the tiniest bit. No biggie. Then again, I wasn't in a position to pay much attention.

The Babby, you see, was sitting comfortably in her stroller in the examination room at the Birth Center until the looksee light was accidentally shined into her eyes, at which time she went off on a crying jag. "You can hold her while I do this," the midwife said. Which is how I ended up spread eagle on the exam table with a crying Babby laid out full length on my middle, yowling. So you might say I was a little distracted. Maybe it would have been more uncomfortable if I'd actually been paying attention to what was going on below.

There you have it - IUD removal is no big deal. The whole thing, including underpants removal (I was wearing a dress) plus a quick chat about 'you can get pregnant right away, prenatal vitamins, etc.' took about five minutes. It did not hurt, though I had some spotting afterward. Other than that, nada.


  1. Oh wow! How exciting about trying again! Don't worry! The next one will be JUST as delightful as the first one. Look how sweet she is. What a doll! Good luck! : )

  2. silly me confused IUD with IED. I took a minute for me to understand that you didn't have a bomb removed from your uterus...blame my foggy mommy brain.
    congrats on the official start of your TTC. You should be multiplying with your awesome genes!

  3. Hah, we just made a pact not to even remotely think about a second one for at least a year and possibly well beyond that. If we make it till then without both of us having gone completely gray from stress, we'll see.


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