Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reality Sets In


It's looking more and more like I am going to have to get one of those full-time, out-side-of-the-home kind of jobs that so many people seem to be into. It's not the we're desperate for money - not quite - but the whole point is that I'd like to not get to the point of desperation before doing something.

Believe me when I say this is not something I want to do. I like working from home. Looove it, in fact. Love love love it. And I adore being at home with the Babby more than just about anything, even if I do complain about it a wee bit now and then. I kind of figured that by the time she was almost two years old, the thought of going to work while she was at daycare wouldn't make me cry like it did when she was two months old, but I guess I was wrong.

Check it out, it's pro-grade BabbyMama:

I don't want to go broke, though, and it's not like the BabbyDaddy has been holding out in terms of how much money he can make, so this is the only option. I can't even get some silly nighttime job so I'm still home during the day, because the BabbyDaddy's schedule can fluctuate by quite a bit.

I'm trying to look at the bright side of things... like not feeling like I have to track every penny or not worrying that if I accidentally ding someone's car, that's that. Being able to buy more organic foods and take the Babby out more.

But I can't stop thinking about the dark side of things. Especially getting to see the Babby for, what, all of a half hour in the morning and an hour and a half at night, five days a week? Not being able to have another kid while I'm still fairly fertile, if at all?

I'm sure all my working mama friends want to knock me upside the head for being so melodramatic - after all, it's not like working mothers and childcare are some relatively new thing, even if that's what some people want to believe* - but I'll admit that I am a big emotional wussy who is just more comfortable and happier in her own home with her own family than she is in a professional environment full of strangers.

So, anyone know anyone who's looking for an experienced writer, editor, proofreader, blogger, or blogging/SEO consultant?

*A comfy stay-at-home life for teh ladiez is something that has mainly been accessible to certain economic classes of women. Women have worked outside of the home throughout history and there has been childcare (often provided by family members, but not always) for just as long.


  1. First sit down and figure out approximately how much net income you'll bring in from the outside job. Then factor in daycare fees (wowzers), extra work clothing, gas to and from work, coffees, lunches, whatever will affect that bottom line you bring home and see exactly how much money you are REALLY bringing home. You'll be surprised. I did this one time and I actually only brought home like $100 - daycare fees wiped out the rest.

  2. That's what the BabbyDaddy said, too. He's all "Let's see what cuts we can make before you go doing something you don't want to do." And we found a few surprising places we could make cuts. Not a ton, though, but the money we're bleeding is a slow ooze, not a gush, so who knows.

  3. I am super opinionated about this, so I won't say too much because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I'll just say though that we have 5 kids, we started having them while still in college and we've never made "enough" but we are very blessed and are always happy. I don't feel like we're missing much. Sure, I'd love to be able to take a GREAT trip with the kids yearly. Okay, we can't do that. But... I have ideas! Email me if you want :)

  4. Hee, now I'm wondering whose feelings you think you'd hurt!

  5. Also, I've always thought you seemed particularly happy! That's definitely what's important in life overall. My big fear, I guess, is digging us into a hole that then is impossible to get out of. I've had my share of debt and negative balance bank accounts in my younger days, and that stuff scares me!

    Look out for an email later today - I love ideas!


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