Sunday, January 30, 2011

We *Almost* Made It to Year Two

I'd like to toot my own horn for a moment. The BabbyDaddy and I are pretty good at childproofing. And we're observant parents, too. That's why, in my opinion, the Babby managed to make it to thiissss close to two-years-old before ever needing to wear a band-aid. But alas, our amazing stretch - 700+ days without an injury! - has been broken by... something.

On Friday, the Babby was quietly and happily playing by herself (a skill I am slowly teaching her in an effort to get more work done during the day). We were in different rooms, but I wasn't worried about that. Because of all that great childproofing, don't you know! Except, well, some of those plastic toddler toys have sharp edges and if you grab them just the right way *SLICE*

To her credit, the Babby came to get me. Not because she had a bleeding cut or anything, just because she wanted to show me a dinosaur or demand a cookie (we don't have any *sigh*). And I saw the blood and kept my cool and just like Doctor Dan the Bandage Man, star of some reissued Little Golden Book, I got to wash that finger clean with soap and water and bandage it up and make it better than new. With the Babby's first-ever band-aid. (Hello Kitty brand, hee!)

Which led to a day of this:

BABBY: Take it off!


BABBY: Take it off! Right! Now!

BABBYMAMA: No. And stop chewing on it.


Until dinner, when that band-aid got all covered in peanut butter and thus slippery enough to start sliding off the Babby's finger - a fact that made her desperately want to eat it. And she was still asking me to take it off. So I did. And what do you bet the Babby thought of that?



  1. Poor girl! But 700 days is a good run. My child has her father's intrepid spirit, but unfortunately, my coordination. I doubt we made it 100 days.

    Your reference to Doctor Dan cracked me up. I bought the "Nurse Nancy" book (I believe she's Doctor Dan's sister) to annoy M, who is a nurse, and it ended up being our daughter's favorite book for a few weeks. It was hilarious listening to him read it to her!

    P hates bandaids, even if they're Hello Kitty or dinosaurs or (my favorite) the Keep Calm and Carry On bandaids. Our best bet is to buy Tegaderms at a good pharmacy with lots of medical supplies - they stay on until they come off and they protect the skin from water but let air through. They're awesome.

  2. Wow, I am impressed. She is such a big girl for not screaming like she was stabbed. Now, I am curious what bandages taste like.

  3. @E.H. The Babby was obsessed with Doctor Dan! Which features many instances of people happily wearing band-aids. I tried to tie in her band-aid with the book, but she wasn't buyin' it. Now I want Keep Calm band-aids - where'd you find them?

    @Teresha I'll ask her... she ate one last summer, and I mean ATE IT. A little friend lost her eensy-weensy finger band-aid and we found it two days later. In a diaper, ick!


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