Thursday, June 2, 2011

If I'm Always the One Behind the Camera, How Do You Know I Even Exist?

mothers and daughters

At some point around Mother's Day, I heard a segment on the radio that stated that there are too few pictures of fathers with their children because it is usually dad behind the camera. That sure made me shake my head. I remember an old friend telling me that she could now actually envision me as a mom because she'd finally seen a picture of me with the Babby - and this was when the Babby was something like four months old.

Of course, it doesn't help that every time the BabbyDaddy does take a photo of me, I think I look horribly deformed and not at all like other, normal looking people. (Seriously, am I weird looking?)

So there being too many pictures of mamas with their babies and not enough pictures with papas and said babies was certainly news to me. All it takes is a quick look at my Flickr stream to prove that's not the case in our household. Mainly, we've got hundreds and hundreds of pictures of just the Babby, but coming in second is the pictures of the Babby and the BabbyDaddy taken by yours truly, wielder of the current camera and coveter of future, better cameras.

I can just imagine what would happen if I kicked it tomorrow: The Babby would grow up always kind of doubting that she'd actually had a mother because if she had, wouldn't that mother have been in a few more photographs?

How does family photography work in your household? Do the guys and the gals get equal lens time, or does one person seem to take on most of the photography duties and consequently would appear not to actual exist if photo albums were the only evidence you had to go on?


  1. Holy god, this is a problem in our household too. I have to drop not-so-subtle hints to get Christopher to even think of taking a picture of me with the kids. It just doesn't occur to him. Then again..getting the elder child to make me some finger paint pictures or crayon scribblings for Mother's Day doesn't occur to Christopher either. And I have to say things like "Okay, we can say the movie was your gift to me" for our anniversary and "you got me $1 worth of fridge magnets, here wrap them up" for Christmas. Maybe I'm a figment of my own imagination...?

  2. I take the majority of the pictures around here and if we were to sit down and count there would be more of my husband and the boy than of me and the boy. I'm okay with that because I tend to think I look terrible in pictures, but I do get that the boy will need to have pictures with me in them. So, I make an effort. Oddly enough, my husband will do the majority of the filming when we record the boy.

    And I love those pink shorts you have on in the pic with the Babby. Very cute.

  3. We're in the same boat. Tyler doesn't usually take photos unless I directly place the camera in his hands and say, "Hey, wanna take some pics?"

  4. I'm definitely the photographer in the family. And, actually, I have that thing where I think I am amazingly weird looking in photographs taken of me (by the hubs or anyone else), so even the few pictures that we do have in which I am featured generally don't make it into the public. Like the other ladies who've commented, photos aren't taken of me unless I specifically ask and/or hand a camera to a dude!

  5. Um, I'm ALWAYS behind the camera... not sure why they think it's the men who are! I too, end up looking SO weird. I don't know why. I can take a picture but I fail at being in one!

  6. Getting my husband to take a picture of me and the kid I housed in my body for 9 months then pushed out of my lady part after 11 hours of drug-free labor is like asking a cactus for water! Then when he does condescend to get behind the camera, I look like someone who popped into the frame at the last second.

  7. Wow, so I guess I'm not the only one! I think that maybe once upon a time, when cameras were another gadget, it might have been the other way around since guys do tend to love gadgets. But now cameras are ubiquitous in homes - and phones and everywhere - so things have shifted. That's my theory, anyway!

  8. I'm never in pictures! Not only am I always the one taking them, but I also tend to hate all the ones others take of me.

  9. Same here. It sucks!!!!! Makes me wonder if my husband thinks I'm too ugly for pictures...


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