Friday, September 23, 2011

The Potty Training Files: Can't Poop, Won't Poop... Without a Diaper

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Apparently, toddlers at the potty training in undies stage are sometimes reluctant to poop in the potty and also reluctant to poop in their underwear. That leaves no option other than holding it in, which is what the Babby was doing for about two days. Until we put a diaper on her and she finally let herself go.

How I envy all of you mamas out there with clockwork poopers. The Babby has never gone on a schedule like her mama. Even as a wee tiny babe in arms, she'd go up to 10 days without pooping. It was fine her, she was still nursing and when she would go it would be normal in size and quality. But now, daily to every other day is her norm, but as for when it happens, that's all over the map.

Add to that the fact that she's not a grunter aaaaand poops really fast means we've never been able to catch her either before or during a poop event.

My take is that potty pooping will come in time, but for now it means we have to monitor the state of the Babby's bowls. If there's no action for a day or so, she'll get a diaper for sweet relief.

And a little ground flax in her cereal, heh.

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  1. This may sound a little crazy, but I recommend finding a kid as close to her age as possible who does poop in the toilet and hang out with them (hopefully having identified a likely time for pooping from their parents). Somehow this seems to do magic things.

    That said, we went with bribery. Pooping stickers is what we called them. He was born in August and so was about 2.5 at Valentines and we took his bag from the school valentines party, filled it with stickers and he could grab bag one from it when he pooped on the toilet. Worked great. Only problem was it took almost six months to taper him off of stickers! (oh, and these weren't fancy stickers. I just took sheets of stickers and cut them up.)

  2. While it's not really a "fix", we developed a system that helped introduce the idea that there are times you go to the bathroom even if you think you don't have to go. Things like "you need to try to use the bathroom" before we go to the store, the library, etc.

    That said, when our littlest was mostly done with potty training, her poops almost always happened during bath time.. after the first floater, she quickly learned to get herself out of the tub and go when she felt it was time.

  3. I have a stinker with an aversion to pooping on the potty. She won't hold it though, she'll go in the training pants or on the floor if she's bottom naked.


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