Monday, January 23, 2012

What I've Been Up To: A Collection of Pink and Orange Birthday Party Ideas

pink and orange birthday party

The BabbyDaddy had the right of it recently when he told me that if I didn't let myself have fun planning the Babby's third birthday party, it would still come anyway and then pass me by without my ever having enjoyed it.

To help me do just that, the BabbyDaddy is getting involved in the party planning - even describing how and when we could make paper flowers together.

In fact, in a few minutes, the whole Babby family will bundle into the car and head to Michael's to look at craft papers. Hopefully there will be a good thick pack, on sale, that is exactly what we're looking for.

Wish me luck! And I don't just mean luck with finding craft paper. Wish me luck coping with the process of trying to be creative and hands-on and engaged and happy while trying to fit party planning into the eclectic mix of responsibilities that is my life.


  1. how nice! i love, love orange and pink together. somewhere i actually have a pink and orange invite i did for brenna's 3rd birthday. hmm... if you're in need of one, let me know. i'd be happy to email it to you!

  2. Really cute. For sure enjoy it because That is most important.

  3. @Rachael It's funny, back when I wrote about weddings daily it wasn't my favorite combo at all. But now for a little girl's birthday, it's growing on me!

    @Emily I'm trying, and doing better with the BabbyDaddy's help :D

  4. The 3 year old party is fun because they totally know what a party is by now and they are giddy with excitement about the presents. I love the colors above, looks like a ton of fun!!!

  5. Indeed, Rachel M.! We're trying to do a countdown to the actual day of the Babby's birth but she doesn't like it because she's convinced she's already 3. Because, you know, we'd totally lie to her about something like that. Our plan is to take the day off and take her out for all kinds of nice treats - and then the party will be almost two weeks later. Lots of birthday!

  6. hmmm, I am starting to get inspired for Cad's 3rd birthday...thanks!

  7. I love the colors...dreamy! 3 is such a fun age for birthday parties. She is going to have a ball. I bet she is already jazzed. And kudos to the Babby Daddy for his wisdom.

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