Thursday, February 2, 2012

What I've Been Up to: Art Storage Boxes and Not Much Else

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Things have been kind of nutty around these parts lately...

I'm involved in the launch of the first ever Parents of Preemies Day and there's lots of work yet to be done! I'm still at the ol' day job, but still looking for an out. I have some great clients right now and a lot of what I do is community management, which is fun. All in all, I'm trying to stay positive in the face of setbacks and disappointments because something great has to happen soon if I work hard, right?

I haven't had much time to take on projects and even the Babby's birthday details are still not entirely firm. Shopping for that is on the back burner until the weekend. There are pieces of a bow pillow cut out on my ironing board and no hope of sewing them together in sight. I've bookmarked a ton of DIY clothing ideas on Pinterest.

In fact, the only thing I have managed to do lately is make some art storage boxes for the Babby's room.

art storage boxes

And that was just a matter of taking wooden clementine boxes (which I love), painting them, and lettering them. Which, because of my current schedule, still took about five days of here and there single coats of paint and detail work.

It's the curse working mamas must bear, I guess. And possibly why sites like Pinterest are so popular! I can't DIY at work, and after work I have to do all the things around the house I used to be able to do during the day. 

Aaaaand then I have to work my third shift, aka the freelancing shift because if I don't, that won't ever amount to anything. (Nothing like trying to get a business going while working just short of full time and taking care of a family!) So at the moment, any crafting I want to do has to be done somewhere after 8:30 p.m. exercise and the time I realize I am too tired to see.

It's hard not to get disheartened by it all, but I'm trying my best.

P.S. - You can find me over at Design Mom today, as part of the most recent Design Mom Asks! How cool is that?!


  1. I didn't know you were involved in it! It showed up in my Facebook feeds from a couple other sources and so I'm following!

  2. Yep! It's a Graham's Foundation project, and I've been writing and editing for Graham's Foundation since 2009ish!

  3. I adore clementine crates. I have bunches of them. They are great for organizing in closets and such. I never thought of painting them, though. Great idea!

  4. Thanks, Sandra! My favorite painting idea for clementine boxes is chalkboard paint so you can label them and then change the labels. That's what I did here:

  5. Wow! You are one busy woman. Good luck with everything. It seems as though you have a good handle on things!

  6. for a time-crunched working mama you still manage to get more done that this SAHM!

  7. But you have a great built-in excuse ;)


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