Sunday, July 29, 2012

Some Things I'd Forgotten About Pregnancy

For your amusement, here are some things I'd forgotten about pregnancy:

Getting up six times in a night to go to the bathroom, making quality sleep all but impossible.

The fact that modesty is a non-issue as soon as the door to the exam suite closes, even when there's a frightened looking male med student in the room.

How suddenly the urge to pee can appear - and how suddenly that urge goes away when the Passenger decides to stop using my bladder as a beanbag chair.

Pregnancy brain. I forgot about forgetting.

Whoever named morning sickness is a big stinky turd. It should be called all day sickness.

That people really do try to touch the belly all the time - even strangers. As long as it doesn't happen at work, it's all good. If it does happen at work, expect to see me on the 11 o'clock news.

It's really easy to eat this... and some eggs and some fruit salad and maybe a bite or two of whatever the BabbyDaddy is having.

pregnancy brain

And then there are some things I never actually knew about pregnancy, like:

The fact that your middle gets big quick after the first pregnancy. Exhibit A.

A fetus really can kick so hard it knocks the wind out of you. Here I was thinking people were just being overly dramatic.

How weird it would be to look down at the bump at 23.5 weeks and think that some women go into labor at this point.

Painting one's toenails does get a bit uncomfortable once there is enough tummy in the way.

I'd feel this unwieldy at just about 24 weeks along. I feel bigger and more awkward than I ever did while pregnant with P.

That my boobs could get this big. Seriously. They're as big now as they were the first time my milk came in! If they don't go back to their normal size after the fall, I'm going to have an epic freak out.

What, if anything, did you forget between pregnancies or 
just never know about subsequent pregnancies?


  1. I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how is the Babby handling the pregnancy? (I was about her age when my younger sister was born and don't remember much about it, so who knows if makes much of an impression before the baby actually makes an appearance.)

    1. Oh, it's adorable! All the time she'll say things to my stomach and then ask "What's it saying now?" She seems to think I can either hear the fetus or that I have some kind of psychic connection with it, and that it answers her comments and questions in ways only I can interpret.

      Whether or not she realizes that a baby will come and stay permanently is another matter...

  2. I'm dealing with the tail end of pregnancy #2 and because i got bigger MUCH faster i feel like i've been pregnant for like a YEAR. I'm alot more winded and achy and having to run in circles around a 2 year old makes it a little more difficult. I just can't wait to wear normal clothes again! Have fun growing :)

  3. I was floored by just how fast my midsection grew. And when my daughter finally arrived safely, I was floored by just how fast labor happened. 3 hours. We almost didn't arrive in the delivery room on time. My hypnobirthing teacher warned me, but I laughed her off. She definitely got the last laugh!

    1. Yeah, see, I'm a little scared by that, since when P. was born I was in real labor for all of 3 hours. And they say the second goes more quickly. Not that I'm complaining, mind, but it makes me glad I live practically around the block from the birth center/hospital!

  4. I always forget the pain. Except after being pregnant time number 5. I'll never forget that. And I'll never have more kids, lol!

    But I always remember how much fun the "it's time!" moment is :)

  5. We forget so that we won't shut down the baby-making factory. I do miss having an excuse to eat whatever I wanted without caring about it going to my thighs


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