Friday, September 7, 2012

P., Primed and Ready for Ballet

Did you know that I danced all through school and then again as an adult?

In fact, right up until a year or two before P. was born, I was still taking tap classes in the city and renting out studio space for practice. I even tapped while pregnant - wings and pullbacks get tougher the rounder you get, FYI. So even though it's been, oh, more than a decade since my last ballet or pointe or jazz class, I still got a crazy high from taking her to get her ballet shoes fitted for her upcoming classes!

toddler dance class

And the best part? The dance school where she'll be studying - insofar as a three-year-old can study dance - also offers adult tap and ballet classes at levels I'll hopefully find challenging! Once this baby in my belly has been evicted and I've had the minimum amount of downtime, I will be back in the studio.



  1. She looks like an angel! I miss having little ones around. My youngest is 28, and all my grands live far away. Give her a big kiss for me.

    xo Linda


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