Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Since I Haven't Posted in Forever, Here Is a Picture of P. on a Horse

costa rica with kids

I tell you, I've been meaning to post. I truly have. But being close to 30 weeks pregnant and just about as employed as you can get at the moment, finding the time to blog has been an utter nightmare. Since I don't want blogging to become something I actively avoid, I give myself permission not to do it when I already have too much going on. And lately? There has been TOO MUCH GOING ON. I'm not usually one to look forward to summer's end, but I'm hoping the cooler weather comes with something like a reprieve.

Which isn't to say it's been all work and chores. We just got back to the States after spending some time relaxing in Costa Rica (which necessitated my devoting some prep time to researching 'Costa Rica with kids'). Can I just say there is something so satisfying about adding stamps to P.'s passport? We're hoping to get back to Germany next spring or summer - Berlin with an infant and maybe a trip to Ravensburger Spieleland, yikes! And then after that? Who knows!

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