Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 Reasons I Love My Calin Bleu Wrap

The first time I saw babywearing in action, I was living in Queens. An old Chinese grandma standing on a stoop suddenly tossed a toddler up over her back and then used what looked to me at the time to be a quilt to hitch him (or her) securely on before walking down onto the sidewalk and disappearing around the corner.

I was all, "Whoa, what did I just see?"

Fast forward about a gajillion years, and there's me buying an overpriced strip of fabric in a store so crunchy it actually had crunchy in the name (R.I.P. CGB...) because I was going to wear my baby, darn it. Except I didn't. P. and I never really mastered the supposedly super easy front carry. Instead, I wore my toddler and then my kid, flipping her up over my back like an old Chinese grandma.

calin bleu wrap - babywearing

Fast forward again and Bo and I finally got around to trying my old Calin Bleu wrap. I'm happy to report that on our first try front wrapping, we nailed it. I foresee a lot more babywearing in my future since somebody is not the fan of the swing that his big sister was.

If you're on the fence about babywearing or haven't gotten around to giving it a try because you'll be darned if you're going to pay $60-80 for a strip of fabric, here are five things I love about my Calin Bleu wrap. Maybe I can change your mind.
1.When P. first started tantruming, she could wail bloody murder for an hour straight and wasn't shy about following me from room to room to make sure I got the full effect. One of the few things that could calm her down was wrapping her up on my back, which I did much longer than was good for my back.

2. It's not super duper stretchy - only a little stretchy - so you can wear your baby or toddler for a long time without there being any loosening at all. This is especially good when your passenger is three years old and working herself into a tizzy.

3. In a pinch, the Calin Bleu wrap makes a great baby blanket to keep tiny toes from freezing. It also makes a very dramatic scarf, provided you can work with that much length. I like stuff that can multitask.

4. The wrap is a lot more comfortable than the Baby Bjorn, which I am convinced was designed with men's bodies in mind. Dads seem to find the Bjorn way more comfortable than moms. Do I like how easy it is to clip a baby into a Bjorn? Sure, but it's heck on my back!

5. It looks cool. I'll admit it... I feel like more of a bad-you-know-what mama walking around with a baby or a toddler wrapped up in the Calin Bleu than I do when I'm pushing my B-Ready. I like to imagine someone looking at me and thinking, "Whoa, what did I just see?"
Do you wear your baby?


  1. I never used a wrap like yours, but we did use a front pack and later the "back pack" for my youngest. It was nice to have her so close. Of course, I'm one of THOSE women who nursed what some people think is an unreasonable length of time. She was 3 1/2 when she stopped. Who knows how long I would have gone on. I knew she was going to be the last, and didn't want to lose her babyhood. Of course, she was healthy as a horse because of it, I'm proud to say.

    One of my pet peeves is that people never hold their babies anymore. They're always in those d*** carriers. My personal feeling is that the lack of holding and snuggling is part of what has made today's youth disconnected from the world. That, and video games which I wouldn't have in my house if you paid me a million bucks. I work at a health center and you never see babies being held. It breaks my heart. Those moms and dads don't know what they're missing, and neither do the babies!

    Okay, I'll get down off of my soapbox now......8-)

    xo Linda

    1. I love holding my baby - and my kid! That's definitely not something I'd want to miss out on. And this one, our last one, is the kind of guy who'd rather be in arm than anywhere else unless he's playing so I lucked out. Sometimes it makes mealtimes awkward, but we manage :)

    2. It's amazing how you can learn to cook and nurse, or just cook and carry at the same time....lol. Oh, and I called her the "American Express Baby" because I never left home without her...... took a bottle of breast milk from her daddy twice when she was new, then wouldn't any more. And never would take a pacifier. She would gag at even the newborn Nuks! Did I tell you that she has a Masters in Library Science (my daughter the Librarian), and has now decided to go to Medical School.....too bad she's such an under achiever.....lol. I no longer feel guilty about all that nursing!

    3. Guilty about nursing? Never! :)

  2. I can't say that I wear my baby, as I don't have one. But there is something heart warming about seeing people with their babies looking all cozy wrapped up next to their hearts! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! look forward to seeing more of yours!

  3. I love the ergo. I'm still wearing my big 15 month old in that comfortably (25 pounds). When she was itty bitty I loved my wrap though, I think when they are fresh the wrap is perfect. I also detest the bjorn-- yuck. That was killing my back at 6 months, not practical at all.


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