Friday, February 8, 2013

I'll Admit It - We Recycled a Name

Someday, when Bo and P. are old enough to care about what I thought of them as babies, he is going to make this exact face because he is going to find out that we never bothered to pick a name just for him.

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No kidding. I'm not sure if this makes me a horrible mama or not.

Once upon a time when I kind of was hoping P. would turn out to be a boy, I thought of an awesome name. A strong and distinguished name. A full name that incorporated my dad's name as a middle name and a then-living relative's name as a second middle name because dual middle names is how we roll.

A name, of course, that got shelved because P. turned out to be P. and we picked out a new name complete with two middle names.

So there we were with this awesome boy's name when I found out I was having a boy. And since my pregnancy already had the drama of a possible Down syndrome diagnosis and we didn't even know if it would stick anyway since I had a preemie and a miscarriage under my belt, browsing through baby name books was not exactly high up on my list of to-dos. At the time, the less I even thought about pregnancy, the happier I was.

Babies need names, though, and there was already one up on that metaphorical shelf.

One day, even though I was unsure if I'd even end up with a baby, I pulled it down to try it on for size and it just seemed to stick. It gave P. a way to interact with my bulging belly without moping about the baby inside not being a girl. It gave the mister and me a point of reference to try imagining a future with a little boy when we were both a little scared to put our hearts out there. And it gave Bo a name with no maternal effort necessary on my part.

I'm curious how other mamas and papas, too, feel about the idea of recycling a name that was meant for one baby to name another. Do you think our choice was as weird as I assume people will think it is?


  1. Why would it be weird? We had two names picked out for our guy and we went with our first because it worked. Obviously the recycled name - although it's a great blog title, I wouldn't say so it the babe - was perfect for your perfect little guy.

    And I am back.


  2. That's how Delilah got her name. When we were first talking about getting pregnant at all I decided I wanted a girl child to have the middle name Jeanne, after Christopher's much loved deceased grandmother. Because every time her name came up he gets misty eyed and sad, so I know how very much she meant to him. So then we hunted for first names that went well with it, and Delilah was one of 2 names we came up with and I was leaning more heavily on the other. Only then we found out it was a boy, so we had an Everett (almost a G√ľnter!). When we got pregnant the second time we didn't even bother name hunting, never picked out a boy name at all because we both assumed it would be a girl. This third time around has proven more interesting since we landed on the first name before we were pregnant but are still debating the middle name - this time the middle names we're coming up with have no familial significance and I'm not sure how I feel about that since both Ev and Del have middle names after someone. Then again..James T. Kirk /is/ someone... ;)

    1. Heh, glad I'm not alone, then! My children escaped sci-fi names because I used many of my favorites on pets prior to their being born.

  3. Micah and I had/have picked out names for our future children when we were first married- before even considering getting pregnant! We disagree so much I didn't want to be pregnant with a time constraint, arguing about a name so we took our time and mulled over the names for both girls and boys. Might make us lame but I children seem to have grown into their names!

  4. It's funny because I technically got a "recycled" name, but I've been told it fits me perfectly. I thought my son was surely going to be a girl, so if we happen to have a girl down the road, I'm all about using the favorite lady name we picked out before. A good name is a good name, right?

  5. Names are names. It's not like you need to pick out a new one. Also, I want to know why you're calling him Bo!

  6. We had the same boy's name picked out for both pregnancies...never used it, as we ended up with 2 girls, but I didn't feel an ounce of guilt for that! :) Stopping by from SITS.

  7. Enh, you picked out a name for a boy and then used it when you had a boy. It's not recycling if this is the first time you actually used it.

  8. If I had a second and a boy, I'd totally use the boy name we picked! We had been debating potential child names for about 15 years when we had Pea, eliminating those that tended to offensive schoolyard rhymes. No way I'd give away all that work!

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