Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Funfetti Pancakes On a Wednesday, Oh My!

I'm working from home with not one, but two littles today. Yes, I am totally stressed out. No, I won't be linking to any Wordless Wednesday linky parties today because I have too much real actual work to do.

Then again, I did dawdle around this morning making pink funfetti pancakes with the P. and entertaining Bo as he practiced sitting in his high chair. (Which I hate. It takes up way too much space.)

funfetti pancakes

And now the sun is peeking out, just a little. Maybe my plan of taking them both on a long post-lunch walk in the hope they'll fall asleep in the B-Ready stroller isn't so crazy after all...


  1. It's Funfetti Wednesday and I didn't get the memo! ...

    1. Sorry, next time I'll make sure everyone knows!

  2. working from home with two littles is something else. I've done it myself and I'm wiped out when the day is over. Somehow, it's still so much fun!

    mental note: must make funfetti pancakes!


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