Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Swear They Can Look So Much Alike Even if I Can't Find Photographic Evidence

It's hard to find a pair of photos that reflects how really, truly, eerily similar P. and Bo can look. He makes so many of the same expressions she made when she was just a little bit older. (Their size and development are few months off because P. was a preemie.) In fact, Bo now is very much a carbon copy of P. during the two weeks when she was about seven months old where she was briefly kind of chunky before she reverted back to her usual slim self.

Naturally I couldn't find two really good pictures to show you what I'm talking about since so much of what I'm talking about is based on facial expressions that last roughly three seconds before changing completely. I look like a big liar. Best I can do are two photos that at least show that P. and Bo are probably blood relations.

brothers and sisters

My heart wants to say that they're similar in temperament, too, but then my brain butts in and reminds me that Bo is just generally happier than P. was when she was teeny and also more social. Seriously, we call him Partybaby because if there is a party going on - or P. is home for the day or it's a weekend or there's anyone in the house other than me - good luck getting him to sleep more than 20 minutes at a time.

How are your kids similar when you think of them at the same ages or stages? How are they different?


  1. Although I don't know per say if they look exactly alike but I can say that you and Ted make GREAT LOOKING BABIES!


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