Thursday, April 11, 2013

Walking Them to Sleep Almost Daily

Right now, I mean right this very second, both of my teenies are asleep in the stroller in the driveway. Relax! I have the door open and I'll hear one or the other as soon as they make a peep. Better to let them sleep if they're that tired, and moving either of them will result in one or both waking up.

This sort of thing happens because one of my favorite things to do is walk.

In fact, if it wasn't for needing to sometimes get to NY and medical appointments, I wouldn't even bother having a car since we're lucky enough to live pretty close to public transportation. But we need to get to NY and medical appointments, so I keep the car but I try to leave it in the driveway as much as possible.

That means that any time the weather is above freezing and it's not raining, Bo and I prep ourselves to face whatever the outside world holds in store so we can walk the almost two miles round trip to pick up P. at childcare.

stroller walking

It's why we have a double stroller instead of a single. Some days, P. is happy to walk the almost mile back home, helping me push or holding my hand or running ahead. Other days, she's tired and cranky and just wants to crawl into the lower seat and pull up the sun shade like a little rājñī riding in a litter. And some days I just want to get us to the grocery, bank, or post office in a timely fashion so I'm like "Come on, kids, let's ride."

Sleep, of course, is the sometimes intended, sometimes unintended consequence. Ideally, Bo would have continued sleeping and P. would have woken up but in the time it took me to write this the opposite happened. 



  1. I love to walk too :) It's the best!

  2. Juliet has taken many a nap still strapped into her carseat. Walks in the stroller are equally soporific, but alas, we don't get around to those as often.


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