Friday, April 19, 2013

With Boston So Close, I'm Glad My Babies are Little

Right now, I'm uncomfortably close to the action happening in Boston... and Watertown, Waltham, Newton, Belmont, Cambridge (where the mister's office is, pretty much over the 7-11 that was robbed, so he is home), and Allston-Brighton (where the mister and I used to live). While the remaining bombing suspect at large is probably not going to rush the North Shore on foot, everything that's happening feels very close to home.

We don't subscribe to a cable or satellite service because broadcast TV these days seems full of sex and swears so there's no chance of P. turning on the television and seeing something awful. The radio will be staying off while she's home. And I'm being very careful about what sites I access this a.m. because some will have auto playing video of goodness knows what kind of ugliness.

But even if I slip and she sees or hears... something, she won't understand. She'll know that something is happening that is of much concern to us grownups, but chances are she won't internalize it in relationship to herself like an older kid would. A bomber in Boston, in her head if she even knew what a bomber was, would mean roughly as much as a bomber in Bahrain. People getting hurt doesn't yet make her think "I could be hurt" or "My family could be hurt".

And for that small blessing, I am grateful.

Stay safe today, friends...

Boston marathon bombers


  1. Welllll if you like monster trucks there is a fantastic short video on Netflix for the whole family! SO cheesy!

    It's surreal. I watched them all up and down my old bike commute. I'm glad your H is home!

  2. It is so hard to understand why someone would want to hurt/kill so many innocent people that they don't even know. My girls are older (17 & 23), but when they were little, I tried to keep them away from the horrible news. I wanted to keep them innocent as long as I could, but even at their age, they still worry about bad things happening (but then so do I).


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