Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Read 20 Things You Never Knew About Me on Boston.Com

Today on Boston.com Moms, where I'm the Featured Parent Blogger all week long, you can read 20 facts about me and the fam. Please go check it out - I spent a bunch of time writing up that list so someone better read it ;)

My posts from the whole week will be excerpted here, too, in case you miss one. Now tell me something I don't know about YOU!


  1. Congratulations on the feature, so exciting! It was INCREDIBLY reassuring to read that being a Mom may not be as hard as many people believe (you have no idea how much and I'm not even pregnant yet!) Thank you so much for sharing these facts, it takes a lot of strength but we appreciate it and benefit from your wisdom :)

    Something you do not know about me: I never got into popular things like Twilight or Harry Potter. Call me a literature/movie snob but those just did not do it for me :-/


    1. I feel the same way about Twilight - the writing was just SO bad. How do I know? I ended up reading the whole series because I produced milk like crazy for the pump if I was reading it. SO weird.

  2. You? Shy? I don't believe it.

    What don't you know about me? I hate bananas and dilute my soda. :-)


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