Friday, August 23, 2013

Upcycling Idea: Painted TOMS Shoes

The thing about cloth footwear like TOMS shoes is that they start to look pretty rough after a while. I love my TOMS so much that I have worn them into ugliness. Thanks to miles walked in the sun the dark fabric had grayed until it looked like old denim - even though the soles are fine, I wasn't wearing them because... old gray denim, no thanks!

I was actually contemplating throwing them into the monthly donation pile when I suddenly said "Duhhh."

Seriously, I said it out loud. I was this close to slapping myself in the forehead even. Right there on my crafting table was Tulip fabric paint in Velveteen Black. Painted TOMS shoes were obviously the answer! Now I wouldn't have to get rid of these shoes that feel more like socks - or buy new ones. Bonus.

So here's how to paint TOMS shoes... you just, well, paint them. I used a regular old paintbrush and free-handed it. If you wanted to be extra careful you could tape off the sections that you don't want to paint.

It's hard to tell from my silly Instragram photo but my painted TOMS shoes look like NEW. They also feel like new because the paint constricts a little as it dries so they're not as stretched out as they once were, either. Just don't look inside because they're still pretty rough in there. Otherwise, they're perfect... a deep soft black with just a little bit of sparkle in the sunshine.

What smart but simple ideas have YOU had lately?

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