Friday, September 27, 2013

A Day of Instagramming

There has been too much negativity swirling around lately. Seriously, people. I'm like the most serious person on the planet 99% of the time and I'm sitting here thinking we all need to lighten up. And when *I* say it's time to lighten up, you better believe it's time to whip up some cookie dough, read a well-loved paper book, putter around in the garden, try a new hairstyle, dance, play, and smile at old couples holding hands.

I've been keeping this open in a browser tab recently, and thinking about the time I have to spend on the computer (work) versus the time I want to spend on the computer (blogging or working on my memoir) versus the time I spend just aimlessly puttering around online just because it's there. I kind of don't like the ratio I'm seeing between the three.

Do I really need to read yet another Atlantic article about something I already know too much about?

Answer: NO.

So while my profession doesn't allow me to hide my laptop in a closet - or even get off the dang Internet - my plan for the foreseeable future is to put away the electronic time wasters whenever I can and pay more attention to important stuff. Like cookies and old couples holding hands. How fall smells. What color the sky is on any given day. Ballet. The good stuff. The REAL stuff.

Here is some of the real stuff, ironically brought to you by my Instagram account...

One day Dr. P. and Nurse Bo took care of the mister early in the a.m. P. was a strawberry head.

Very weird thing: Give Bo a smoothie in a straw sippy and he will spin around in a circle the whole time he's drinking. Check it out.

While we waited for a friend on afternoon, I practiced one of my routines in the sunshine and Bo scooted back and forth along a rock bench.

Take the bink out and every rock, leaf, and gross thing goes right in. I see it as the lesser of two evils until he learns to walk.

Bo had an amazing time during his first ride in the supermarket car. P., so sweet, kept her arm around him for most of the trip because she was worried he'd fall over. Then she got out and he did fall over so I guess she was right.

"Look mama! I'm wearing grownup shoes!"

It was a good day, for sure, even with all the deep stuff going down. And I want more good days - with less of the deep stuff.

Do you ever worry you might be missing something amazing because you're too busy blogging or scanning Facebook or checking email or texting or whatever?

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  1. I need to Instagram more. It really does remind you of life's simple pleasures like you girl parading in your pumps...classic!


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