Monday, October 21, 2013

Bo On the Go!

It's been a long while in coming since I've been just silly busy with work and planning (and then executing) Bo's early first birthday party. That's right, he's had his bash and his cake smash but he won't actually hit single digits until later this week.

Am I ready? Not in the slightest. This year has gone by too darned fast - possibly because I spent it launching a business, prepping for and then dancing in a show and then signing up for even more dance classes, having amazingly fun family days, and doing crazy stuff like taking a teething baby on a business trip.

Seriously, Bo was cutting four teeth while I wore him for two days of NANN expo and the single-day Preemie Parent Alliance summit. In Nashville. I had to take him on a plane. He had to hang while I schmoozed with pediatric medical supply company reps and other nice folks - really actually nice. He got mad swag.

The flight to Nashville? Delightful. He, of course, flew in a car seat. We met two airport angels that day - the first was a woman who ran up behind me at security to offer to help me put my stuff, including the car seat (hitched to the most amazing invention ever for traveling moms), through. The second was the guy who sat as our third in our bulkhead row. As soon as I saw him casually reach out to keep Bo from pitching off the seat while I installed our Britax Marathon 70-G3 for the very first time, I knew he must be a dad. Turned out he was. Of triplets!

Here's us on the flight - Bo was pretty much fascinated by everything and would have crawled the length of the plane if I'd let him.

If you're going to co-sleep, there's nothing like a huge bed! Except that it was a huge bed with a pillow top so I tried to keep him in the crib the whole night. But we did end up cuddling a little until I finally got up with him at like 5 a.m. to let him roam around the lobby of the hotel.

It was a pretty sweet hotel, actually - especially for one so close to the airport.

Now if you're ever going to bring your baby on a business trip I definitely recommend that it be one where everyone is either a NICU nurse, a pediatric medical supply rep, a mom or dad, or someone who works with a family-centric organization. That's Bo's girlfriend right there!

Thankfully, there was a lull each day during which Bo and I could retreat to our room where I'd nurse him and watch the Food Network until he fell asleep. Then I'd chat on my phone the mister (and I sure did miss him and P.)

I swear we'll take away the bink one of these days, but I sure wasn't going to do it during our biz trip!

I wasn't the only one at the summit with a baby - but Graham's Foundation was the only organization represented that had baby mascots. Luckily everyone else there was absolutely gorgeous about ignoring it when Bo got a little fussy.

And then just like that, after a whirlwind three days - which included a trip to the Loveless Cafe which has THE most amazing peach preserves ever and just about the nicest manager - we were back on a plane.

Not bad for someone who hasn't traveled for business since, um, ever, right?

In fact, the only not so great part of our little adventure was the flight home, during which poor Bo screamed on and off for the whole three hours. At least people were nice about letting me know that they knew I tried my best to keep him calm - I got a lot of kind words from fellow passengers as we waited to get off the plane.Which I deifnitely needed to hear...

Though I do have to say that there's no antidote quite like giving my full attention to comforting a sad monkey to calm my usual fear of flying!

Have YOU ever brought a baby on a business trip? Would you dare it?


  1. OMG. He is so cute. Looks like he had more fun than you on this trip.

    1. Sure! Because he wasn't worried about unpredictable teething babies! Of course he had fun :)

  2. You're so brave. I'm terrified of taking my two boys on a long flight. The longest they've gone is 1/2 hour....everyone keeps telling me "just drug them and they'll sleep through the flight and it'll be fine" and i tell them "hell. no." but kudos to you! you both looked like you had an excellent trip :)

    1. Honestly, I was totally scared. The teeth thing and he's not a great sleeper and I'm supposed to be there doing business.I think I just lucked out this time but I don't plan to do it again any time soon.


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