Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bo On the Go: Transitioning to Daycare

Relax - when I say Bo On the Go is transitioning into daycare I mean one part-time day each week so I can get some real work done and don't have to be head down all weekend every weekend while my family is out having fun. Remember how he doesn't do naps because he is the original Party Baby? That gets pretty old when you're trying to stay afloat as a work at home mom.

So on Tuesday, he and P. said goodbye to me in the a.m., and then I went home and put nose to grindstone. I thought I was going to cry on the drive back and kind of almost did but then I didn't. What I did do was eat lunch without anyone demanding half of it. And I took a shower without an audience. And had a phone call with a reporter to talk about baby-led weaning that didn't involve me having to go shhhhhhhhh-sorry-shhhhhhhhhh-one sec-shhhhhhhhhh.

Like I do every day Monday through Friday with P., I wondered what he did while we were apart. The skinny is that he played:

And he slept:

He ate, too, of course. Wouldn't drink his milk but apparently had a lot of lunch.

And then when three o'clock rolled around I practically hop-skipped to the car because I was so excited to go pick up my kids now that I could spend time with them without having to worry about finishing an article or answering just a few more emails. As I buckled P. into her carseat, I asked her what she'd like to do. Go to the park? Ride her bike around the neighborhood?? She wanted to play video games, ho hum. But it was okay since she'd been such a good big sister the whole rest of the day making sure Bo was happy at daycare.

Or so P. said, anyway!

Word on the street is she really was the doting big sister until after lunch when Bo stopped registering on her 4-year-old radar.

In possibly related news, I'm starting to wonder if weaning is in our future. Bo and I still have a wonderful breast feeding relationship, but every now and then he cries after a minute or two of nursing, even after I try him on either side multiple times. Then a little while later I'll give him some milk in a cup and he just goes to town. When P. self weaned, it was because I'm "slow flow" and cups give you that immediate satisfaction. Maybe Bo is of the same opinion!

Did you let your baby lead the way when it came to weaning? How long did you breastfeed your little ones?


  1. I so meant to respond to this last night, and then sleep took hold! First of all, the photo of Bo sleeping at daycare makes my heart feel happy. It's too cute.
    Both of my kids self-weaned, which totally surprised me! Scarlet was about 15-16 months old. Des was earlier, and I really thought he'd be the type to go forever, but he just loved solid food so much that he lost all interest. I was really happy to go to 1 - 1/2 years with both. I would have been happier with longer too, but I'm glad I didn't have to wean them. My one thing was that I wanted them to be the ones to pull the plugs...

    1. P. self weaned at 18 mo. and I feel you - I can't imagine having to be the one to lead the way. The idea makes me sad!

  2. I am with you on having a day by yourself to get some work done! I will never stop be amazed at how well they nap at daycare but not at home. Is it peer pressure? lol.
    I weaned M at 18 mos and D at 14 mos. He is still mad about being cheated of his 4 months. I had to initiate with both. otherwise, I'd still be nursing!

    1. I think people who care for kids professionally are just plain magic when it comes to sleeping and eating and the potty. I know I couldn't do it!

      And I feel you on the nursing. I love it, and Bo is the last baby I'll ever breastfeed, but I can't say I won't also be happy to be able to wear ALL of my shirts and just any bra. Dresses that don't offer access. No more thinking about supply or pumping or any such thing. Sweet freedom :)


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