Friday, November 1, 2013

Hope Your Halloween Was Happy!

P. loves Halloween. I mean loves it.

She loves dressing up. She loves the jack-o-lanterns. She loves candy. And she loves loves loves trick-or-treating!

We were almost rained out. A lot of towns in the US delayed trick-or-treating, from what I understand. In other places kids had soppy soggy costumes or had to trick-or-treat under umbrellas. But we got lucky around here. At dinnertime it was pouring buckets outside but when it came time to actually go door to door, the rain had magically stopped. And not only that! It was warm. P. was thrilled not to have to wear her coat over her costume - even if it coordinated perfectly.

She was the usual. Fairy princess. One of these years she's going to request a different costume but until then I don't mind having everything we need already on hand. Bo was the cutest little pumpkin around.

In October I tried more than once to get P. and Bo into pumpkin costumes, but when she was willing he was not and vice versa. I figure if that's my biggest disappointment of the holiday season, I'll take it.

Besides, they were both super cute individually as pumpkins so how can I complain?

toddler trick or treating

Bo was less than enthused about getting into his costume on Halloween night in particular because trick or treating happened after his usual bedtime.

toddler trick or treating

Still, he gamely rode along in the stroller while P. collected way too much candy.

I was super proud because this year she was actually jazzed to ring the doorbells and say "Trick or treat!" and was running from door to door on her own.

toddler trick or treating

But my favorite thing she said about more than one candy give was "She's really nice... once you get to know her." Keep in mind P. has never met any of the people whose houses we visited last night.

As I expected her wand and crown both ended up staying behind. Having both hands free for candy baskets and doorbell ringing is important, after all! At least she wore her wings and after some complaining, her glow bracelet.

toddler trick or treating

What did you do on Halloween night?

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  1. I love P and Bo's costumes. Cuteness overload! Halloween is my girl's favorite holiday too. I dressed them up in matching themed costumes again. She goes along with it as long as hers has tulle, a crown or wings.


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