Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Countdown Chain Is Getting Shorter, People, But the Days are Just as Long

Too short.

I'm actually getting a little panicky.

In just a few short days I'll be hustling two kids - with two car seats because that's how we roll - onto a plane. Hoping desperately that scheduling the flight during nap time was a good idea instead of the world's stupidest one.

And the day before that, I'm going to be hustling myself along with two kids back and forth from home to performance venue and back multiple times for dress rehearsals and then that night, the show.

Along with all the prep those things entail I also have work - hello, lower middle class life - and plenty of guilt with which to garnish it. Yesterday's bluejay issue is keeping the kiddies indoors at daycare so now I need to make getting out into the sunshine a priority, too.

To say I'm "a little busy" would be the understatement of the summer.

Thank God for friends like the one who generously called me up out of the blue to invite P. and Bo over for a drop-off playdate so I can work or pack or run around in circles for a couple of hours. A little help is always appreciated!


  1. Good luck with everything--flying on a plane with kids always gives me anxiety! I always just think...this will be over in ___ !

    1. With one kid who is happy to watch Spongebob the whole way? No problem. But little Bo has been on two flights in his life - on one he was lovely. On the other? He screamed the whole time. So I guess it'll be a big surprise to see which way he goes :) P. was a wonderful flyer even as a baby. She'd just fall asleep or read and that was that!


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