Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's One of Those Days, Y'all

My day started out like this.

I kept my schedule as light as possible because I'm trying to give Mr. Nosleep over there (click & read & vote plz!) more of my time.

What a time we had! Playing ball, stroller walking, reading books, playing pretend...

And because I kept my schedule light, we were also able to go to the playground after school.

Which happened mostly because *I* wanted to get some fresh air.

What should really have happened is that we should have gone right home so Lovebug could face the consequences of her emerging 'drawing on other people's stuff' issue.

That's right, I found some of my seven-year-old's ultra girly graffiti in my hallway today.

And if that wasn't bad enough, her teacher pulled me aside after school to let me know that she's been doodling on her desk and other things in the classroom.

Which is... odd, because she was never one of those kids who drew on walls and she has free access to a never-ending supply of paper in both locations.

I mean, come on. We keep a stocked art cart right in the kitchen with all the supplies a kid could want. No one ever has to ask to do art around here!

Anyway, then it turned out that writing an apology letter to the teacher was the most traumatic thing ever because Lovebug really, really wanted to use pen to write the letter but kept screwing it up.

Which is how she ended up wailing at full volume during a team update call and how I ended up locking myself in the bathroom with my phone on mute.

Without, I should add, the salted Nutella latte I'd been looking forward to all day because *whoops* we have no milk and without milk there can be no latte.

Though I did get to suck down a heaping helping of mom guilt because after Lovebug's teacher told me about the drawing thing she also told me that she's been tired everyday in class for like ever.

And someone has been leaving crumbs in front of the couch overnight - what the heck? - but no one will cop to it.

And then two minutes ago I turn around and see this...

Do I wake him up? Put them both to bed right after dinner? Or maybe I put myself to bed after dinner and let the rest of these animals fend for themselves. Me? I am seriously done with today and it's only 5 p.m.

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